Working on My Roar: The Call to Adventure

Suitcases upon suitcases, micro-fridges, and flat-screen TVs. Crates of X-Box games, makeup, and yes, Ramen noodles. And a trace of anxiety in the air. There’s no mistaking it—it’s Move-In Day at A&M-Commerce.

When a second parent mistakes me for a student outside Pride Rock, I am reminded of just how many times I have stood outside of a university residence hall not too unlike this one on the occasion of the colossal undertaking that is Move-In Day. The first time was eight years ago—wow!—when I walked onto the campus of my alma mater, Emory University, as a wide-eyed freshman who was moving in. Of course, I would “move in” on campus three more times after that, but two of those times, as a member of the Residence Life team, I also helped freshmen get settled.

In other words, I am no stranger to frazzled, sweaty but smiling faces and phrases like “Ugh—it’s too heavy,” “Wait. Where do I go?” and “Why can’t I park here?” on a hectic day like this.

There’s just one thing: I only stepped foot into Pride Rock for the first time yesterday.

Like all of these freshmen, I’m new here. You see, I am the publications writer for the Marketing Communications department at this university—as of July 22. I was lugging boxes to my apartment and bags to my office, uttering those very phrases just a month ago. I’m still moving things around. New students, I feel your pain.

And your trepidation, excitement, and anticipation, too.

Today at Pride Rock, I am a Lion Mover, so in addition to documenting the day, I am offering (the little) information (I have) and helping students unload the things that will make them feel at home here. After I set a student’s skateboard on the sidewalk, I ask a group of parents and new freshmen how the move-in process is going and if they’re ready for the year.

Laughing, two respond, “We just got started! But it’s going great so far.”

My sentiments exactly.

As a rookie Lion—a cub, perhaps—everything at A&M-Commerce is a fresh experience, and those experiences seem to come and compound at lightning speed. In just a month, I have conducted seven interviews, during which I’ve learned about everything from salamander hearts to rapidly-spinning stars. I’ve written a handful of news releases and plenty of advertising copy, sending out approximately 100 tweets along the way. I imagine it only gets faster from here.

This blog, Working on My Roar, is the space where I will document my fast-paced journey here at the university and in Commerce at-large. I would love to share yours as well. First-year students, transfers, new faculty and staff: send me your stories, photos, and videos! Click here to tell me about what’s new to you, your “firsts” and your expectations, and you may be featured here. Upperclassmen and alumni, you can get involved, too. Submit your “firsts” and suggestions for things to do and see.

Fellow Lions, now that we’re all moved in—well, almost—let’s start exploring!

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