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University Police Department :: Welcome


The University Police Department maintains a close working relationship with all local law enforcement agencies in order to be aware of all potential threats to A&M-Commerce or it’s students, faculty and staff. The department also monitors other law enforcement agencies in order to better detect criminal activities that occur at off-campus locations owned by officially recognized organizations of the university.

All criminal activity that occurs on campus should be reported directly to the University Police Department at 903.886.5868 or in person.

For general inquiries of a non-emergency nature, you may email us at [email protected]. This email is only monitored during business hours.

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University Police Department :: Intro

Here for Your Safety

The University Police Department ensures the continued safety of students on and off campus. We accomplish this with a robust patrol division comprised of officers certified by the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education, an active presence in our community and a continuous effort to educate our students. We are defined by our excellence in protecting, serving and educating our community.

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UPD officer with two A&M-Commerce students.

University Police Department :: UPD Divisions

UPD Divisions

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University Police Department :: Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of the A&M-Commerce University Police Department is to provide a safe and secure environment and a learning atmosphere that promotes unfettered thought, ceaseless industry and fearless investigation. To accomplish its mission, the University Police Department strives to achieve the highest level of perfection obtainable in law enforcement and service to protect the lives and properties of the university’s students, faculty, staff and visitors.

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University Police Department :: Campus Safety


Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures

In the event of confirmation by police officials that a significant emergency on campus is occurring, University Police Department staff will initiate a PAWS alert using pre-determined scripts.

  • This alert will go to all A&M-Commerce students and employees who have signed up for PAWS.
  • After the initial PAWS alert has been sent, all further communications to the public will come through the university’s public information officer. All available resources will be used including among others, web page postings, KETR broadcasts and e-mail notifications.

The University Police Department will test the PAWS system annually. Often, these tests will come in conjunction with exercises designed to continue training of emergency response officials. Prior notification will be given via PAWS, local media outlets and email.

Severe Weather

To protect you from weather related dangers, we have implemented several warning systems to alert our faculty, staff and students when there is a danger of lightning strikes or severe weather.


The university has a system in place called ThorGuard. ThorGuard is a lightning detection system that will sound through a series of air horns in the event that weather conditions are conducive to a lightning strike.

  • If such conditions exist, the system will sound a Red Alert. This is an air horn blast that is 15 seconds in length, the air horns are located throughout campus. If ThorGuard goes into red alert, you should proceed immediately to an indoor location until an all clear signal is sounded.
  • The ‘All Clear’ blast consists of three air horn blasts of five second lengths.

Outdoor Warning

The university has an outdoor warning system that was installed throughout the city to alert citizens of Commerce and the campus community when a severe weather warning such as tornado, 70 mph or greater winds, or golf ball sized hail.

  • It is manually activated by either the University Police or Commerce Police. Its warning sound is a loud siren that sounds for up to three minutes. The outdoor warning system does not have an all clear signal.
  • It is very important to note that this is an outdoor warning system only. It is recommended that everyone purchase a NOAA Weather Radio for monitoring indoors.

Frequent Services

  • Unlocking locked vehicles
  • Jump starting dead batteries
  • Delivering emergency messages
  • Checking on the safety and welfare of persons
  • Lost and found
  • Notary public services
  • Crime prevention
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University Police Department :: Resources


Crime Prevention

It is essential that faculty, students and staff assume a responsibility for their own safety and preservation of personal property by taking simple, common sense precautions. Students, staff and faculty are all partners with the university in creating a safe atmosphere that encourages learning. Crimes do sometimes occur at A&M-Commerce. While it is not likely you will become a victim of crime, it is possible. No community (including universities) can be totally free of crime, but with your help, we can drastically lower the rates at which it occurs.

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University Police Department :: Employment

Employment Opportunities

The University Police Department strives to be the most professional it can possibly be. Any individual interested in employment opportunities with UPD must apply with the Human Resource Department at A&M-Commerce. Each applicant must pass a stringent interview process, a strict background check and must possess the highest ethical qualities.

Once prospective employees have been offered employment with the University Police Department, a strict regimen of training must be completed. Depending on the position, all employees are trained by senior personnel and must demonstrate an acceptable level of performance before their training is complete.

Our Employees are eligible for many benefits including:

  • Insurance benefits for employee and family
  • Vacation and Sick Leave
  • Workers Compensation
  • Holidays
  • Employee Scholarship
  • TRS Retirement
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University Police Department :: Featured News

Featured News

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University Police Department :: Meet our Faculty and Staff

Meet our Department

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University Police Department :: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the University Police Department file cases?

Depending on the infraction we have several options. All non-campus traffic citations are filed with the local Justice of the Peace (Jennifer Reeves). All criminal offenses are filed in the correct criminal court. Felony charges are sent to the District Attorney. Misdemeanor cases are sent to the County Attorney. Students who have criminal charges and student code of conduct violations are also referred to the Office of Judicial Affairs for further academic action.

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Why do the police officers respond to medical emergencies?

The University Police Department is the first responder to all emergency calls on campus. We have specialized training and carry defibrillators in all marked police cars. The Commerce Fire Department has trained medical staff who also respond, until an ambulance arrives.

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How can I allow special access to faculty, staff and students who need after hour access?

The department head must send written authorization in advance to the University Police Department. All persons needing access must be listed by name and CWID. The access location must also be listed and time frame, that is approved, must be designated. Please advise that this access is for the faculty, staff or students. If they are not on the list, they will be asked to leave the building. The only access during a university closure is critical personnel that have been provided on letterhead by the department head or dean in advance. These authorizations are very limited.

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What other services does the University Police Department provide?

We provide many services such as: unlocking locked vehicles, jump starting dead batteries, delivering emergency messages, welfare/safety checks, lost and found, notary public services, weather monitoring, money escorts, crime prevention programs and much more.

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How will I know about emergency situations on campus?

The Pride Alert Warning System (PAWS) is a mass notification system that students, faculty and staff can sign up for at no charge. PAWS is capable of voice, email, text messaging and campus computer popup delivery of emergency messages. In the unlikely event of a campus emergency, all participants in PAWS will receive direct notification of the situation, along with instructions. Signup for students is done through the MyLeo portal.

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What should I do if I witness a crime, see something that looks strange, or someone needing medical attention on campus?

Do not delay; time is usually critical in most cases. If you feel it is a true emergency and you are on a campus phone, call 911; it will connect you to the University Police. Be prepared to provide the information to the dispatcher, who will in turn dispatch a police officer. If it is not an emergency, call the non-emergency number with details, an officer will be dispatched to check out the situation and deal with it accordingly. We currently have blue light emergency phones that you may also use to report an emergency situation. They function just like making a 911 call. Once activated by the push of a button, you are in direct contact with the police dispatcher. They are located all across campus. Remember, we are all stakeholders in keeping our campus safe. Emergency On campus phone dial 911 Non-Emergency On campus phone dial 5868 Emergency Cell phone dial 911 Non-Emergency Off campus phone or cell phone 903-886-5868 *Note: Please program these numbers into your cell in case you are in need of the campus police. If you are off campus, just dial 911.

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University Police Department :: Contact Us

Connect with Us

Comment or Compliment

The following contact has been established for any compliments, thanks or feedback you may have for an individual police department employee or the department in general.

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University Police Department :: Comment or Compliment

Comment or Compliment

The following contact has been established for any compliments, thanks or feedback you may have for an individual police department employee or the department in general.

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