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Success Coaches

All incoming Freshmen and some Transfer students are assigned a success coach. Success Coaches help students transition into college life at Texas A&M University-Commerce by assisting students with academic, financial, personal and career counseling. Success Coaches primarily serve students represented in the categories below:

First-time, first-year undergraduate students at the University until such time as they meet all of the following criteria:

  • Complete their first academic year at A&M-Commerce
  • Complete twenty-four semester hours of credit bearing courses
  • Complete the University’s basic skills requirements

Transfer students, regardless of classification, until such time as they meet all of the following criteria:

  • Complete the University’s basic skills requirements
  • Have completed thirty semester hours of credit-bearing courses whether at A&M-Commerce or elsewhere.

We are located in the Student Access and Success Center also known as the One Stop Shop. Click Here for a Campus Map.

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Policies and Procedures


During the fifth week of the semester, instructors report preliminary grades for enrolled students with less than 30 completed hours. This process is called Early Intervention and allows the Success Coaches to outreach to students with multiple absences or grades of D’s or F’s in any of their classes. Success Coaches set up meetings with students to discuss preliminary grades as well as a plan for success for the remainder of the semester. Students are encouraged to talk with their professors along with attend various tutoring centers on-campus.


To be eligible for continued enrollment in good standing in the University, a student must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00. Should any student fail to maintain a 2.00 GPA, the student will be permitted to enroll for further work only on academic probation. University College students enrolled on academic probation are given the following requirements in order to ensure the successful completion of the semester on academic probation as well as increase the students GPA:

  • No more than fourteen (14) semester hours in a 16-week semester and no more than two courses during any term of a summer session or no more than fours courses for a full summer session.
  • Retaking and successfully completing any courses in which you have previously earned a grade of a D (if required by major) or F is required in the current semester if the course is offered.


Should any probationary student fail to maintain a 2.00 semester grade average in the academic courses attempted in any semester of probation, the student will be required to leave the University on academic suspension for at least one calendar year. In cases where there are extenuating circumstances, a student who has failed to maintain the required 2.00 semester grade point average in academic courses to qualify for continuance of probation may be permitted, with the approval of the dean of the appropriate college, to enroll for one additional semester of extended probation.

Should the student fail again, however, to maintain an adequate 2.00 semester grade point average in academic courses attempted during that semester, the student will be required to leave the University on academic suspension for one calendar year as specified above. Again in cases where there are extenuating circumstances, a student may be permitted to return for a second extended probationary semester, with the approval of the Academic Affairs Undergraduate Student Suspension Appeal Committee. After the period of academic suspension, the student will be permitted to enroll again on academic probation. Students wishing to return following completion of the suspension period must reapply to the University.

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Success Coaches Recommended Sites, Resources and Fun Stuff


Undergraduate Catalog: For course descriptions, academic policies and procedures.

Testing Center: The Testing Center at Texas A&M University – Commerce provides access to a wide array of high quality testing and assessment services for students and the community. For students interested testing into a higher level of English, Math, and other subjects, TSI assessments, Credit by Exam – local and CLEP, or other exams may email or call the Testing Center at [email protected] or 903-886-5122. Questions concerning dual credit for students currently in high school and AP coursework should also be directed to the Testing Center.

Academic Success Center: The Academic Success Center (ASC) is focused on providing academic resources to help each student reach their intellectual potential and achieve academic success. Tutoring services are free for students and located in the first floor of the Gee Library as well as Science 110.

Career Development: Need to find a major, change your career or just learn more about the work world? Contact Career Development for a complete list of services.

Admissions: For questions regarding transferability of core classes. If you are a transfer student and have questions about the transferability of coursework taken at another institution for core classes, you should contact your admissions counselor.

myLeo: To register, view available classes, check the status of your financial aid, view holds, etc.


Bursars Office: In need of cash at anytime throughout the semester? Contact this office for short term loans from A&M-Commerce. Location: first floor of Halladay Student Services Bldg.

Counseling Center: Would you like to talk with someone about any type of personal issue, concern, etc.? This office also has information for students wanting to refine time management skills, study skills, stress management techniques. Location: second floor of Halladay Student Services Building.

Disability Services: Students in need of any time of accommodation for a documented disability, contact this office at your convenience. Location:first floor of Gee Library.

Financial Aid & Scholarships: For students interested in receiving federal, state and/or university scholarships, contact this office. Location: first floor of Halladay Student Services Bldg.

Math Lab: For students needing assistance with a math course. This center is meant to assist you in successful completion of your math course. Students can receive personalized attention and tutoring specific to their needs. Location: third floor, Binnion Hall

Student Accounts: For information on your balance, payments, refunds. Location: first floor McDowell Administration Bldg.

Writing Center: For assistance in completing writing assignments, understanding assignments, reviewing papers, etc. Location: first floor, Hall of Languages.


MRC: Work out, walk on the track, play intramurals, take a swim! Exercise is a great way to reduce stress, meet new people and stay in shape.

Campus Life: Want to get involved but not sure in what? The Synergy Lab has organizations, clubs, groups, etc to suit all interests. If you don’t see something you are interested in, maybe start a group of your own! Check them out!

Lion Athletics: Take advantage of your student fees: Go to a game! Soccer, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Track! Click on the athletics link for schedules!

Community: Many students are active members of the Commerce community. The Commerce Parks and Recreation Department, Commerce Humane Society, Commerce ISD, and Chamber of Commerce use student volunteers in many of their activities. Contact the specific department for more information.

The above information has been provided for you by the Success Coaches at Texas A&M University-Commerce.

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Contact Us


Coordinator, University College Advising
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 903-468-8678
Office: One Stop Shop

Katrina Watkins


Success Coach
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 903-468-8174
Office: One Stop Shop

Angela Martinez


Success Coach
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 903-468-8161
Office: One Stop Shop


Success Coach
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 903-468-8640
Office: One Stop Shop


Success Coach
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 903-468-8668
Office:One Stop Shop


Success Coach
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 903-886-5370
Office: One Stop Shop

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