The Office of Research in Education and Human Services

The Office of Research in Education and Human Services provides services to graduate faculty advisors and their students who are developing Master’s Theses or Doctoral Dissertations to fulfill requirements of a graduate program in the College of Education and Human Services.

Max Plata, Professor Emeritus from Special Education, is the Director of the CoEHS Research Office.

Exclusive Benefits

Top Ten Things You Need to Know About


10. Saves time on mundane functions such as proof reading and editing

9. Provides additional resources and benefits for students completing their Theses or Dissertations

8. Shortens time to graduation by providing additional support

7. Reviewed documents are safely stored in FORTIS for future reference

6. Offers expertise on research design and statistics

5. Identifies and eliminates issues that may arise at the Graduate School

4. Offers suggestions and directions with years of experience and success with graduate students

3. Enhances the quality of Theses and Dissertations

2. Increases the number of students completing Theses and Dissertations

1. Supports students with a helpful and friendly staff