The 2012 Gold Blazers-Toby Harty

The Gold Blazer Award is presented annually to alumni who have provided outstanding service to the Alumni Association and the university.

Toby Harty

(Class of 1968 and 1969) comes from a long line of Lions. Her mother, siblings and several relatives hold degrees from A&M-Commerce. She worked as a secretary in the counseling center during her time on campus, and after graduation, she became Dean of Women at Southwest Missouri State University. Once Texas A&M University in College Station began admitting female students, the campus was in need of a Dean of Women. Harty applied and became the first and only Dean of Women at A&M in College Station. When the government decided it was discriminatory to have gender-specific deans, Harty’s position was eliminated. She has held varied positions during her professional career, including employment in Dallas at Club Corp of America, Athletics and Wellness. She returned to campus in 2009 to be a member of the Silver Leos graduate course in memoir writing. She is also a contributor to the newly released Memories of Old E.T. Harty is now retired and lives in her birthplace, Yantis, with her husband, Jim.