Texas A&M University-Commerce Libraries Supports Culture, Diversity and Languages With New Online Resource

By Mango Languages

Innovative learning begins with Mango Languages

Texas A&M University-Commerce Libraries are excited to announce the availability of Mango Languages, a leading language and culture learning resource, available online from anywhere, 24/7. Mango Languages enriches lives with language and culture through self-guided courses that go beyond grammar and vocabulary, introducing language learners to a whole new world.

Accessible through the university’s library website, and mobile apps for Apple, Android, Kindle and Nook devices, Mango Languages has more than 70 foreign language and English as a second language courses, including unique culturally thematic specialty courses, like Medical Spanish, Soccer Celebration (Brazilian Portuguese), Endangered Languages, Pirate, Spanish for Librarians, etc. Mango also features Mango Premiere, the first of its kind program to teach language through full-length international films.

“Texas A&M University-Commerce Libraries are always looking to connect students, faculty and our entire campus to cutting-edge and relevant online resources that can be used whenever and wherever it is easiest for the learner. Mango Languages is great for students planning to study abroad, international students looking to understand English, faculty looking to provide complementary coursework or extra credit, or any travel enthusiast,” said Lanee Dunlap.

“Mango has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from small and large academic institutions alike. Students love the interactive, dynamic learning environment Mango Languages provides, and faculty respect our unique learning methodology,” said Jason Teshuba, CEO of Mango Languages. “It’s imperative that today’s students are offered language learning options to prepare for success in a global marketplace. Studies show bilingual pay differentials range between five and 20 percent per hour more than the base rate.”

For general information, please contact Lanee Dunlap at [email protected] or 903-886-5738.

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About Mango Languages:

Founded in 2007, Mango Languages is the leading provider of language learning resources in North American libraries. Mango Languages offers rich curricula and authentic content for over 70 foreign languages and 17 ESL/ELL courses, focusing on conversational immersion and interactive film learning. To learn how you can inspire learning on your campus, visit mangolanguages.com

For more information about Mango Languages, please contact Katie Klossner at [email protected] or 248-254-7450 x 824.