Seeing Pink

“Never appear taller than your date.”

“You’re fat.”

“Do what you can to keep your husband happy…”

These were just a few of the visceral statements artist Libby Rowe uses in her performance piece, “Pearls of Wisdom.”

As part of her Pink exhibit, Rowe takes an important look at gender identity, feminism and what really defines being female. Some of her work is autobiographical, like the piece made up of photos the artist has taken each time someone called her “sir.” Rowe said she wants to make the autobiography universal and to “encourage reflection on and reconstruction of accepted social definitions of ‘feminine,’ ‘womanhood’ and ‘equality.’”

“It was interesting to watch Rowe place herself in that past place, reflect and influence, but then let it go,” said a graduate photography student.

Check out Libby Rowe’s website to see this piece and many others.