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Jump Start Your College Career

A&M-Commerce presents the Rising Lion Program, an exciting virtual summer opportunity that prepares incoming freshmen for academic success.

This structured academic program provides online resources and support that will help you smoothly transition into college life. As a participant, you can jump-start your education by taking two online classes during the summer. You will also benefit from a personal mentor, small online classes and virtual interactive presentations. Additionally, you will enjoy moving in three days earlier than your peers in August, a free book voucher for two classes and fun and engaging virtual activities across campus.

We are selecting approximately 150 students to participate in the Rising Lion Program during Summer 2020. As soon as you are accepted to A&M-Commerce, you will be eligible for the program.

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Rising Lion Program :: Benefits

The Rising Lion Program helps ease your transition from high school to college by providing:

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Free Textbooks

Receive a voucher to pay for textbooks for the first six college credit hours of the summer term.

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A Head Start

Begin taking college classes during the summer term (July). Complete two classes for a total of six credit hours.

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Rely on guidance from advisors, mentors and faculty who care about your success.

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Meet new friends, join student organizations and get comfortable before the start of the fall semester.

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Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance is available if you meet specific qualifications. The program covers the remaining balance on any tuition for the first term that is not covered by other grants, scholarships, exemptions, benefits and/or waiver programs you receive.


Review our frequently asked questions.

Contact Us

[email protected]

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Rising Lion Program :: Cost Estimate

Cost and Funding

We want to make the Rising Lion Program affordable for all. Below are the costs for the summer 2020 program. Payment for the Rising Lion Program is due on July 6, 2020. You must have a completed FASFA/TASFA on file by May 15 to receive the discounted rate.

Family’s Annual Income$0 to $41,499$42,000 to $59,000$60,000 to $79,000$80,000 and Up
Cost of Summer 2019$2,012$2,012$2,012$2,012
Federal Pell Grant$1,200$550$0$0
Federal and Institutional Funding$812$1,212$1,512$1,262
Total Out of Pocket$0$250$550$750

Note: Values based on the 2019/2020 figures.

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Rising Lion Program :: deadlines

Program sign-up deadlines

Applying to the Rising Lion Program is easy! Simply complete the form below, and we’ll let you know if you qualified. Applications close on May 8, 2020. Don’t miss your chance to become a part of this new initiative!

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Rising Lion FAQs

When does the Rising Lion Program begin and end?

Classes start July 6 and end August 5 with finals occurring August 6. All classes will be offered online.

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What are the minimum requirements to apply for the program?

The requirements for the Rising Lion Program are the same as the criteria for acceptance into A&M–Commerce.

  • Rank in the top 30 percent of your graduating class
  • Have a composite ACT score (composite) of 21 or better
  • Minimum combined SAT of 1060
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What classes will I take during the program?

The course offered will be a part of the A&M-Commerce general education core curriculum. Example classes include math, science, English and history. For those who have dual credit, an elective and our signature course will be offered which is part of our core curriculum to graduate.

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When will I move to campus?

All Rising Lion students will move in 3 days earlier than the rest of the freshmen for a fun and interactive experience.

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What if I have TASFA, can I participate in the program?

Yes, we accept all TASFA students as well.

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Who decides which two courses I will enroll in?

Your academic advisor will choose your two courses based on your major, TSI status and dual credit hours. If you have dual credit hours, please email your transcript of dual credit classes [email protected] immediately after you apply.

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What if I have vacation plans, family reunion etc. during the time of the Rising Lion Program?

Due to the time length of the program, missing just one class could be detrimental to your success in the program. We suggest you plan your vacations around the dates of classes which are July 6 -August 6

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How much does it cost to participate in the Rising Lion Program?

We want to make the Rising Lion Program as affordable as possible. Cost ranges from $0 to $750 depending on family income. Learn about funding availability by visiting the Rising Lion Program website.

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