Regents' Scholars Embrace the Mission of QEP

On August 10, 2015 the Regents’ Scholars program showcased the ethnographic research studies conducted by students during their experience studying in Europe. These students traveled to France, Germany and England where they pursued individual projects exploring subjects such as war memorials, graffiti art, currency inflation and a variety of other topics. This three-week learning experience exposed students to new cultures and perspectives. Dr. Yvonne Villanueva-Russell taught the students how to utilize ethnographic research methods to enhance their understanding of these new cultures and perspectives.

Faculty, staff members and other students attended the research presentations with great interest. Students were scored by volunteer judges and received feedback on their poster presentations. In addition to presenting their research findings, students were able to share their personal stories about traveling abroad to a more than welcoming audience.

The Regents’ Scholars concluded this event with the completion of their post-travel Global Competence Aptitude Assessments. This post-assessment is the final piece in assessing students’ global competence. The Regents’ Scholars did an exemplary job embracing the mission of the QEP: “preparing students for an interconnected world.”