Regents' Scholars Assist with Development of the QEP

The Regents’ Scholars have just returned from their study abroad in Europe. Prior to traveling the students completed the Global Competency Aptitude Assessment (GCAA) in an effort to be better prepared for the experience abroad. Upon return, the students presented unique and inspirational projects and insights based on their travel experiences. The Regents’ Scholars will also be completing post-travel GCAA assessments in the upcoming week. The data obtained from the Regent Scholars will serve as an important and valuable contribution to the ongoing development of the Texas A&M University-Commerce Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).

Regent Scholars

Students pictured from left to right: (Bottom Row) Sydni Walker, Amanda Simmons, Kimberly Baxter, Rebekah Currie, John Nystrom; (Top Row) Christine York, Brittany Campbell, Cheryl Strube, Steven Jahn, Parker Ellis, Joshua Miller, Jamie Johnson, Stormy Malone, Brittni Ong and Michelle Ejimakor

Students pictured on the right are the first cohort of Regents’ Scholars and are entering their fourth year at the university. Regents’ Scholars pursue the major of interest but also complete a tiered curriculum focusing on multiculturalism, leadership and global awareness. The program curriculum requires students to study abroad the summer of their junior year with the program for course credit.

“We are so excited to see how the students will use this opportunity to give back to the program, our campus and community. As future doctors, psychologists, researchers, musicians and educators, they have a greater understanding of the world and their place in it. As amazing as the trip was, we hope it only gives them the hunger to go and see more,” said Jennifer E. Hudson, Regents’ Scholars Program Coordinator.