QEP Committee Monthly Meetings!

By: Christopher Woodard

The QEP committee has had three successful meetings as we come to the midpoint of the spring semester. During each meeting the committee discusses topics to help further the mission of the QEP. Discussions include more detailed information and questions about issues such as global funding, global research, global courses and improving students’ learning. In these conversations, members of the committee share achievements and set goals for the next monthly meeting.

During our last meeting on March 22, the committee heard passionate, detailed accounts from Dr. Maria Lamarque and Dr. Kriss Kemp-Graham about their experiences with QEP Global Funding and how they have used the funding to help prepare students for an interconnected world.

These meetings help keep the campus focused on the goals of the QEP and the different facets required to prepare our students. Meeting together to discuss our goals and accomplishments ensures our commitment to preparing students for an interconnected world and making a positive difference on campus.