QEP Attends AAC&U Global Learning in College Conference

Texas A&M University-Commerce Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) held a featured workshop at the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) Network for Academic Renewal conference, “Global Learning in College: Defining, Developing, and Assessing Institutional Roadmaps. Dr. Shonda Gibson, executive director of Global Learning and Quality Enhancement; Dr. Tabetha Adkins, chair of the QEP Committee and director of First-Year Writing; along with Christy Hunter, president and CEO of Global Competence Consulting and Leadership Excellence hosted the two-day workshop featuring our university programs.

The conference sought to help educators place real-world problem solving at the center of the undergraduate curriculum. Participants examined the latest findings on how students learn and on how to advance students’ ownership of their learning through assessments that help develop capacities for reflection, perspective-taking, personal and social responsibility, and applying knowledge to address the world’s most pressing issues collaboratively and equitably. Finally, participants considered how learning goals, systems thinking, and attention to global issues can come together—individually and synergistically—to define, develop, and assess global learning in college.