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Become a Health Science Instructor

Your work experience in the health sciences field gives you the unique ability to apply your knowledge to teaching middle and high school students. Through our program you can become a health science educator in less than two years by building on your experience and specialized qualifications. Use your real-world interpersonal skills and know-how to educate students in grades six through 12 sharing your own experience with medical terminology, human anatomy and professional development. Begin your career in teaching today!

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2 Years

Foreign Language

No foreign language credits required

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Total Credit Hours

18 Hours

Thesis Requirements

No thesis required

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Health Science Grades 6-12 Educator Certification :: Admissions

Admissions Requirements

To qualify, you need a bachelor’s degree, two years of wage-earning experience in your occupational field and licensure by a health professional practitioner. Eligible military experience may be used in lieu of civilian licensure and wage-earning experience.


Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Your Path to Becoming a Lion

Step 1. Pre-Admission Test

Candidates must pass the TExES Pre-Admission Content Test for Health Science, test number 273, before beginning the program.

Step 2. Apply to the Graduate School

Submit Application

Submit your application through ApplyTexas.

  • Select “Create a new graduate school admissions application.”
  • Select “Texas A&M University-Commerce (Commerce)” as your “Target University.”

  • Select “Educator Certification” as your “Major.”

  • Pay the $50 application fee.

Wait to receive an application confirmation email before proceeding to the next step.

  • After you submit your application, the Graduate School will send a confirmation email within two business days to the personal email account you used for ApplyTexas.

Note: Acceptance into the Graduate School does not give automatic admission into the Alternative Certification Program.

Submit Documents

Submit the following documents after you receive an application confirmation email.

Official Transcripts

Contact your previous institution(s) and request that they send your official transcripts to [email protected].

  • We recommend that you request transcripts for all of your academic work.

Undergraduate degree in a related discipline from a regionally accredited institution with a minimum grade point average of 2.75 overall.

Postal Alternative

If your institution is unable to submit a digital copy, hard copies may be mailed to:

Texas A&M University-Commerce
Attn: Graduate School
PO Box 3011
Commerce, Texas 75429-3011

We will need official/original documents. If those documents are the only copies you have, the Graduate School can mail them back to you upon request. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Resume or CV

Submit a resume or curriculum vitae (CV) which includes your academic and professional history and achievements.

Personal Statement

Describe your preparation for graduate work, your academic interests and goals in no more than 500 words.

Look for application updates in myLeo > Apps > Check Application Status

  • Once an admission decision has been made, you will receive an email to your student email account at myLeo > Apps > Leomail.

Step 3. Apply to the Alternative Certification

Submit Application

Submit your application through Alternative Certification Application

  • Pay the $50 application fee.

Note: When the application is sent, also submit your test scores and a resume.

Submit Documents

Email the following documents to [email protected] unless otherwise specified below.

Statement of Qualifications Form

Complete the Statement of Qualifications and return to [email protected]

Interview and Essay

Complete an admission interview with an Alternative Certification program representative.

At the time of the interview, a one-page essay should be submitted titled “What Inspired Me to Become a Teacher”.

Note: If unable to attend the interview in person, the essay must be e-mailed to the coordinator before the scheduled interview.

Decision Letter

Once the interview is complete and all documents have been reviewed, a decision letter will be sent to the applicant offering acceptance into the program or denying admittance.

If accepted, the candidate will return the signed letter within seven days

Step 4. Apply for Financial Assistance

  • Apply for FAFSA and TAFSA financial aid through the state and federal governments during the admission application process. Use code 003565.
  • Apply for outside scholarships once you are admitted to A&M-Commerce.
  • Check your financial aid and scholarship info through myLeo > Student Resources > Financial Aid Information.

Step 5. Register for Classes

Once registration opens and you are eligible to enroll, your certification coordinator will contact you to complete registration.

  • View your degree plan in DegreeWorks.
  • To register for classes, go to myLeo > Student Resources > Registration Menu.

Contact your certification coordinator if you have any questions regarding your degree plan and registration.

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Educator Certification:: Featured Courses

Featured Courses

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Marketing Grades 6-12 Educator Certification :: Certificate Requirement

To Complete the Alternative Certificate Program


  • Once admitted you can begin your 30-hours of required field experience in the content area or grade level you are pursuing. You cannot begin your teaching assignment until this is complete. You will submit the completed log sheet and reflection questions to the Teacher Certification Office.

Complete Pre-Internship Training Courses

  • Complete 150 hours of training (four certification courses) prior to a paid internship or clinical teaching.

Note: See curriculum for required courses

Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities

  • Receive approval from the alternative certificate program staff after successfully completing EDCI 514 and three other certification courses.
  • You must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on all course work.

Note: If you are planning on pursuing a paid internship, you need to pass or be registered to take the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities test.

Pay all Required Fees

Complete Teaching Assignment Requirement

  • Candidates must complete either:
    • Two-semester paid internship as a teacher of record.
      • Candidates will apply for positions through the district or region service center.
    • OR One-semester of clinical student teaching assignment.
      • You must complete an application.
      • The alternative certificate program representative will assist with your placement.
  • You will be supervised by a university field supervisor and campus mentor.
  • A teaching fee of $1000 per semester is required during your teaching assignment.
  • You must enroll in EDCI 515 during the first semester of your teaching assignment.

Note: All requirements must be completed by the established due date

Apply for Teacher Certification

  • During your final semester, you must contact the Educator Certification Office to verify that all requirements are complete and to receive information about applying for certification via the Texas Education Agency.

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ACP Programs:: Curriculum


Required courses (15 hours)

  • EDCI 514 Management & Curriculum Development for Diverse Learners (to be taken first)
  • EDCI 517 Reading & Learning K-12
  • EDCI 519 Response to Intervention Applied to Exceptional Learners
  • RDG 516 Foundations of Reading
  • EDCI 515 Evidence-Based Learning (to be taken during internship)
  • ETEC 524 Introduction to Educational Computing
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We Are Here to Help!

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Contact Us

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