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Grow your passion for animals into a career with a degree in Animal Science

Today, Texas agriculture has a Lone-Star-state-sized economic impact annually of $100 billion. At A&M-Commerce, you can hit the ground running to help build on this incredible momentum. Whether you choose to work in ranch management or on behalf of businesses deeply rooted in livestock including beef cattle, sheep, goats, swine or horses, you’ll gain a firm understanding of agribusiness, livestock culture and the preparation of animals for food production purposes. You’ll also have the opportunity to hone your skill set through internships in school and specific course offerings around your interests like equine science and cattle management.

Where It Is Offered Commerce

4 years

Foreign Language

No foreign language credits required

Delivery Face-To-Face
Total Credit Hours

120 hours

Thesis Requirements

No thesis required

Animal Science (BA/BS) :: 1.02 ReadyToEdit

Is this Program a Good Fit for You?

Animal Science students are typically interested in:

  • Animal pharmaceutical sales
  • Food inspection
  • Stable management
  • Breed organizations
  • Ranch management
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Animal Science (BA/BS) :: 1.03 SEE YOURSELF SUCCEED ReadyToEdit


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Animal Science (BA/BS) :: 1.06 PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS ReadyToEdit


A degree in animal science will offer you the opportunity to:

  • Gain a firm understanding of selection, reproduction, nutrition and marketing of animal products.
  • Investigate the technologies, methods and practices that foster research, chemical reasoning and scientific breakthroughs.
  • Learn livestock and species-based management strategies.
  • Acquire on-the-job experience in agri-related areas of industry and business.
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Animal Science (BA/BS) :: 1.07 Careers ReadyToEdit


Animal science students develop all the tools and knowledge base to become technical and sales representatives with agricultural businesses such as consulting firms, feed and pharmaceutical companies, and regulatory agencies along with potential roles as ranch managers or county extension agents. Graduates are well-positioned to transition quickly when internship and job opportunities present themselves.

Career Possibilities and Current Median Salaries

Wholesale and Manufacturing
Sales Representative
Animal Scientist
Agricultural and Food Scientist
Ranch Manager
Conservation Scientist

US DOL Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2018

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Animal Science (BA/BS) :: 1.08 INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES ReadyToEdit

Internship opportunities

Internship experience provides the foundation employers are often looking for. Internships are offered as optional credit for this program and can be an important part of your education experience. These are just a few of the companies that partner with Career Development and offer opportunities for A&M-Commerce agriculture students.

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Animal Science (BA/BS) :: 1.10 MAJORS/EMPHASIS ReadyToEdit


  • Agribusiness
  • Agricultural Education
  • Agronomy
  • Equine Science
  • Family and Consumer Science
  • Food Studies
  • Horticulture
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Animal Science (BA/BS) :: 1.11 WHAT YOU WILL LEARN ReadyToEdit


What You Will Learn

After finishing challenging, fast-paced coursework tailored to your interests, you’ll be prepared for specific jobs such as ranch manager, county extension agent and laboratory technician.

Courses to Prepare You for Your Career

  • Core courses include beef cattle production, swine production, animal nutrition, genetics of livestock improvement and livestock management techniques.
  • Supporting courses include soil science, zoology and agricultural economics.
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Animal Science (BA/BS) :: 1.12 FEATURED COURSES ReadyToEdit

Featured Courses

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Animal Science (BA/BS) :: Student Organizations 1.131 Course Delivery and Resources ReadyToEdit

Student Organizations

Some Organizations you can get involved in include:

  • Judging and Show Teams (Livestock, Meats, Horse)
  • AgriBusiness Club
  • Pre-Vet Society
  • Horticulture Club
  • Alpha Gamma Rho
  • Sigma Alpha
  • Collegiate FFA
  • Horsemen’s Club
Ag students
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Animal Science (BA/BS) :: Program Costs 1.13a ReadyToEdit

Program Costs

As of Fall 2019, tuition and fees for an undergraduate student taking 15 credit hours through our 1 Year Optional Rate Plan is $4,478.52 for a Texas resident and $10,808.52 for a non-Texas resident. However, rates do change based on the number of credit hours taken, payment plan used and other factors.

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Animal Science (BA/BS) :: — 1.14 RELATED DEGREE PROGRAMS ReadyToEdit

Related Degree Programs

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