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Engaging my students in discussion about factors that influence finance and gaining an understanding of their viewpoints are gifts. It fulfills me, motivates me and increases my own understanding of finance.

Srinivas Nippani, Ph.D.

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Regents Professor and Faculty Coordinator for Finance

Economics & Finance
McDowell Administration 225A
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Accounting and Finance
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Making finance come to life is what Srinivas Nippani does for his students. In the ever-evolving world of finance, He remains as enthusiastic today as he was more than thirty years ago when he entered the profession. Through his insight and ability to analyze the complexity of finance, Srinivas has published over fifty works, several of which have been cited in textbooks, policymaking documents across the world and leading newspapers in several countries. For his contributions to both the world of finance and higher education, he has earned the title of Regents Professor, the highest title for faculty members of the Texas A&M University System.

A Conversation with Dr. Srinivas Nippani

What draws you to finance?

“Almost every human endeavor, whether good or bad, in most fields, affects finance. The development of a new gadget, the appearance of a pandemic, the news about a potential vaccine, the ever-changing nature of the economy-all have an impact on finance. As such, it fascinates me to see how people create and sustain wealth in an ever-changing world. Engaging my students in discussion about factors that influence finance and gaining an understanding of their viewpoints are gifts. It fulfills me, motivates me and increases my own understanding of finance.”

What has been your favorite course to teach?

“Financial Management at the graduate level. This course challenges me as an instructor because it is more general when compared to other courses in finance. The students who enter our program have different undergraduate backgrounds and have varying levels of understanding of finance. For example, a business major at the undergraduate level would most likely know about finance, whereas someone from a non-business background may not have the same level of knowledge. The challenge is to bring them all to the same finish line while keeping them motivated and interested. My goal is to ensure two things: one is to inculcate a lifelong interest in finance, and two, is to give them a depth of knowledge that they can use to secure jobs which will become fulfilling careers.”

What would you tell a student who is thinking about attending A&M-Commerce?

“I would tell them they have made an excellent choice. At A&M-Commerce, you have the best of all worlds: a top regional school atmosphere, friendly and knowledgeable faculty with varied experience who go out of their way to help you, a small-town atmosphere, and being close to a big city that provides opportunities for future advancement in your chosen discipline. I would also tell them that several of our students return to A&M-Commerce to continue their education at the masters’ and doctoral levels. We also offer significant scholarships and other opportunities for students who qualify.”

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Finance, Sam M. Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas
  • MS, Finance, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (now Chennai), India
  • M.Comm, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India
  • B.Comm, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India

Awards and Honors

  • Biography accepted into Marquis Who’s Who, comprised of the top 3% of the professionals in the world, November 2017-2020.
  • Regents Professor Award, The Texas A&M University System, 2015.

Research Interests

  • Event Studies
  • Banking and Fixed Income
  • Corporate Finance
  • Market Anomalies

Professional Organizations

  • Southwestern Finance Association
  • Southern Finance Association

Recent Publications

  • Srinivas Nippani and D.K. Malhotra “The Impact of Demonetization on the Short-Term and Long-Term Returns of India’s Leading Real Estate Index”. The Journal of Wealth Management, Summer 2020, Vol. 23(1), pages 88-97.
  • Dror Parnes and Srinivas Nippani “The Integration of Mortgage and Capital Markets: A Tale of Two Administrations’ Journal of Financial Economic Policy, Vol. 11(3), 2019, pp 405-431.
  • Srinivas Nippani and Lirong Liu “How to use The EPA Website to advice on ESG Investing” practice management article (Invited and Editorially Reviewed) in Journal of Financial Planning, Special Report on “Trends in Investing”, Page 17, June 2018.
  • Srinivas Nippani and Shekar S. Shetty “Santa Claus Rally and the Indian Stock Market: A Comprehensive Analysis” accepted for publication in IIMB Management Review, April 2018.
  • SingRu Hoe, Srinivas Nippani and John David Diltz, ”Should CAMELS ratings be publicly disclosed?”, Economics Bulletin, Vol. 37 (3), 1567-1572, 2017.
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