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During my time at A&M-Commerce, I have received an abundance of support from my professor, Dr. Larry F. Lemanski. Whenever I need any help regarding research or advice, I always found him as a shelter, encouraging me to go the extra mile and offering hope.

Pipasha Biswas

  • Alum
Biological & Environmental Sciences
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Biological Science
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Pipasha Biswas is a highly intelligent, dedicated and gifted young scientist. She has continued to excel as a graduate student and she has made extremely important contributions to the field of regenerative medicine and biology as they relate to the differentiation, repair and regeneration of cardiac muscle tissue.

Dr. Lemanski

How has TAMUC influenced your work?

TAMUC organizes many research programs each semester, such as the annual research symposium for graduate and undergraduate students. By attending the research symposiums or Lions Innovative Showcase, I was able to excel in ways I did not know I could, gaining confidence and believing in my work and myself. At TAMUC, I always feel that if you want to prove yourself, you are granted an abundance of options that support you for a successful future ahead. I have learned to be a better leader.

Teaching And Research Interests

Biomedical science is a promising field for discovering regenerative medicine and will become beneficial
for people in every corner of the world, especially developing countries where most are not capable of bearing the costs. Keeping all these issues in mind, I was looking to do research on regenerative medicine that can solve different cardiovascular issues and A&M-Commerce provided that opportunity through the Biomedical Institute for Regenerative Research (BIRR). My dream became to work alongside Dr. Lemanski and his discovery of cardiac-inducing RNA. The next step in my project is to create artificial myocardial infraction model in mice to see how they respond and to later develop the use of novel product CIR for human myocardial infracted patients. However, I believe our cardiac-inducing RNA is already a major breakthrough in the regenerative medicine field as we are working on repairing human heart scar tissue using the Human Fibroblast cells, replacing the infracted patient scar heart tissue with active cardiomyocytes.

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