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Even on days the campus is closed were open because the services we offer are essential such as dining, the bookstores and the mane card office.

John Weatherford

  • Alum
  • Staff

Director of Rayburn Student Center

Sam Rayburn Student Center 294
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Rayburn Student Center
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Though John Weatherford works largely behind the scenes as the director of the student center, you can always find him on the first floor greeting students as they pass through on their way to lunch, the bookstore, or just to hang out between classes. His somewhat unusual path to his current position is held together by one common thread: his strength is caring for people. He has a strong emotional attachment to A&M-Commerce; his parents and wife are also alumni and it is where he had his first real job. So it is no surprise that when asked why he would recommend A&M-Commerce, his response is that it is an academic community that can easily become your home.

A Conversation with John Weatherofrd

Tell us about what your career journey?

“I got off to a rough start to my education and enjoyed the social side of college too much. But I ended up transferring to A&M-Commerce and pursuing a degree in agriculture because I thought I wanted to be an ag teacher. In the ag department I met professors who gave me the kick in the butt needed to succeed. I ended up taking crops and soil classes and helping out with the turf grass on the football field back when it was actual grass. Along the way I ended up fully employed on campus in the athletic department taking care of the intramural and athletic fields. My position was assistant athletic director of facilities and operations. After meeting my wife, I ended up switching gears and got my radiology degree and assisted in the startup of a mobile diagnostic imaging company from 2006-2014. It was very successful but took me away from my family a lot so I applied for the position in student affairs back at A&M-Commerce.”

What is your job on campus?

“I oversee all the bookings all over campus for any non-academic event which includes communication with custodial, plumbing, electric, parking; all of the things people take for granted but that are critical to events taking place successfully. It’s a big job but it’s one I really, really love. I also keep the Rayburn Student Center running smoothly. Even on days the campus is closed were open because the services we offer are essential such as dining, the bookstores and the mane card office.”

Educational Background

  • MED, Counseling, Student Affairs, Texas A&M University-Commerce
  • B.A., Agriculture, Texas A&M University-Commerce
  • A.S., Radiological Sciences, Paris Junior College
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