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Andrew Baxley

  • Staff

Admissions Recruiter

email [email protected]
phone 903.886.5288
One Stop Shop 168
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Lawson, Missouri
College Major
Business Marketing


Andrew Baxley

Name: Andrew Baxley
College Major: Business Marketing
Hometown: Lawson, MO
Job Title: Admissions Recruiter
Direct Phone: 903.886.5288
Email: [email protected]

Territory: All high schools in Collin, Cooke, Denton, and Grayson Counties.

Where are you from? I grew up in Lawson, Missouri, a small rural community about 60 miles northwest of Kansas City, Missouri. After graduating from college, I decided to move down to Texas!

Where did you go to college? I attended Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, Missouri.

What did you study and why that major? I studied business marketing. I had decided on business back in 8th grade because I wanted to someday become a CEO of a corporation. As I progressed through the major, marketing really stood out to me. It was very interesting to me that what you purchase and how you act can be largely influenced by branding.

What are some of your favorite things about Commerce? Commerce is a great place to be if you are looking to grow as both a student and as a person. It is a small community that offers many of the amenities you would see in a larger city while always maintaining that small town charm. While it is easy to find yourself resting in the shades of the bois-d’arc trees, the hustle and bustle of Dallas is but an hour away. No matter what environment best suits you, Commerce is the center of everything!

What is your favorite A&M-Commerce tradition? My favorite tradition would have to be the Pride Walk that occurs during Lion Camp. As a new student, the feeling of walking through the campus with both faculty and staff cheering you on and welcoming you is an awesome experience. It really makes you feel like part of the pride!

What is one fun fact about yourself that students would find interesting? A fun fact about me is that I’m universally known throughout campus as the “Taco Man”. I’m a firm believer in “Taco Tuesday” and wear taco-themed business socks every Tuesday while I eat tacos. If you’re ever in need of a recommendation for tacos, please let me know!

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