Orientation Staff Recognized at Conference

Eleven members of the A&M– Commerce orientation staff received multiple honors at the Region IV National Orientation Directors Association Conference February 18-20 in College Station.

Adria Green received the Student Leadership Award and Hollie Smith received the Outstanding Advisor/Director Award. One of the top prizes in undergraduate case study went to the A&M – Commerce team composed of Christopher Hall, Bridgette Price, Brittany Whitaker, Adria Green and Madris Hall for “Best Problem Solving Team.”

The A&M – Commerce delegation had three conference proposals accepted that included “Lion Camp: Start Your Legacy Today!” presented by Bridgette Miles, Adria Green, Jon Taylor and Christina Rowland; “Selecting the Orientation Team” presented by Brittney Johnson, Jon Taylor, Adria Green, Christina Rowland and Bridgette Miles; and “Making Transfer Students a Priority” presented by Jon Taylor, Bridgette Miles and Luis Franco.

The delegation was also awarded the “Most Spirited Award” for the quality and level of participation and contribution, as well as best representing NODA’s and their institution’s spirit and values.