One world-one week-one festival

The MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival found its way to Commerce this year, bringing with it selected shorts from all over the world in an exciting evening full of suspense, romance, and familiar faces as actors from television series, such as “Dr. Who” and “The Blacklist” appeared on screen.

This is a yearly competition uniting close to 300 cinemas across 18 countries and 6 continents in which audience members vote for Best Actor and Best Film from a set of 10 short films.

Dr. Hayes, head of the English Department, said, “We are fortunate to be able to participate in the festival, in part because it so vividly encompasses the spirit of global awareness that the university strives so diligently to endorse, and we plan to continue serving as a host for this annual event.”

Graduate Student, Susie Nickerson-Warley, exclaimed, “MANHATTAN SHORT is an extraordinary movie-viewing experience! What struck me as remarkable was the creativity and depth of meaning packed into these brief cinematic gems from around the world.”

From pieces utilizing stop-motion animation to dizzying camera angles and incredible special effects, the festival included something for everyone! “This was Hollywood-grade entertainment, and some of the special effects were just amazing,” Dr. Salvatore Attardo commented.