$55,000 Oncor Rebate for Energy Conservation

On the morning of May 9, Stan McKee, Senior Manager of Customer Relations for Oncor Corporation, and David Collier, Area Manager of Customer Operations, presented Texas A&M University-Commerce President, Dan Jones, with a check for $55,000 — a rebate for energy efficiency measures put into place on campus.

“We were pleased with A&M-Commerce’s hard work to provide more efficient energy to its campus and for agreeing to partner with us in this program,” said David Collier.

The university accepted this donation to help transition into their plan of providing energy efficiency and conservation. A&M-Commerce recently completed a campus-wide upgrade to LED outdoor lighting. As part of Oncor’s Educational Facilities Program, this check was awarded to the school for implementing these energy saving measures. This program was created to supply energy and build conservation measures as required by the Public Utility Commission. With this financial endorsement from Oncor, the university plans to maintain ongoing energy efficiency which will result in annual energy savings of 703,103.8 kWh per year.

“This brighter lighting package will enhance student, faculty and staff safety across campus and result in less time spent changing out and replacing outdoor lights,” said David McKenna, SSC Facilities Manager for the university.