Thank Your QEP Representatives

The following individuals have contributed a great deal of time and energy into the creation of the A&M-Commerce Quality Enhancement Plan: Preparing Students for an Interconnected World.

Adeyinka Akeju: Graduate Research Assistant, Marketing Communications

Dr. Carla Asbill: Clinical Instructor, Social Work

Natalia Assis: Graduate Research Assistant, Student Access and Success

Dr. Jeff Baker: Assistant Professor, Music

Dr. Julia Ballenger: Associate Professor, Educational Leadership

Susan Bishop: Lecturer, Curriculum and Instruction

Russell Blanchett: Director, Metroplex Commuter Facility

Dr. Betty Block: Department Head, Health & Human Performance

Tina Boitnott: Director, Career Development

Rebecca Bolin: Director, English Language Institute

Kari Bryan: Application Development, Information Technology

Chelsea Bryant: Student Government Association (Student Government Association)

Dr. Megan Burke: Assistant Professor, Accounting

Patcha Charoensukmongkol: Graduate Research Assistant

Dr. Kenneth Clinton: Director, Office of Global Programs, International Studies/Study Abroad

Dr. Hasan Coskun: Associate Professor, Mathematics

Dr. David Crenshaw: Professor, Animal Science

Sharon Crump: Administrative Assistant to Assoc Provost, Provost & VP for Academic Affairs

Brandon Crutchfield: Community College Outreach Coordinator, Collin Higher Ed Center

Caleb Culver: Student Government Association

Dr. Ricky Dobbs: Dean, University College

Dr. Donna Dunbar-Odom: Director of Liberal Studies/Professor of English

Dr. Willie Edwards: Associate Professor, Sociology and Criminal Justice

Dr. Christine Evans: Professor, Arts and Sciences

Dr. Jennifer Flanagan: Assistant Professor, Business Administration and MIS

Jeff Faunce: Infrastructure Services Director, Information Technology

Dr. Haydn “Chip” Fox: Associate Dean, Biological and Environmental Sciences

Rex Giddens: Comptroller and Director, Financial Services

Dr. Shonda Gibson: Executive Director of Global Learning

Denise Golden: Associate Director, Residential Living and Learning

Wayne Grabow: Coordinator, Rockwall

Samantha Grace: Recruitment Manager for the Theatre, Mass Media, Communication & Theatre

Dr. Chris Green: Associate Professor/Bilingual/ESL Director, Curriculum & Instruction

Dr. Raymond Green: Dean, Honors College

Jeanetta Groce: Director, Navarro Campus

Rebecca Hanstad: SACS Administrative Assistant, Institutional Effectiveness and Planning

Joshua Hardman: Assistant Director for Student Government and Organizations

Dr. Derald Harp: Fac Senate Pres/SACS Comp Committee Chair/Assoc Prof, Horticulture

Dr. Derek Harter: Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Information Systems

Dr. Jim Heitholt: Head & Professor, Agricultural Sciences

Dr. LaVelle Hendricks: Associate Professor, Psychology, Counseling and Special Education

Dr. Mary Hendrix: Vice President, VP for Student Access and Success

Diana Hines: Director of the Writing Center, 3

Dr. Maria Hinojosa: Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership

Dr. Celine Hoe: Assistant Professor, Economics & Finance

Will Horton: Student Government Association

Dr. John Humphreys: Professor of Management, Marketing & Management

Dr. Ben Jang: Head & Professor, Chemistry

Dr. Sharon Johnson: Associate Vice President for Student Access and Success

Gail Johnston: Associate Director, Library

Dr. Lon Johnston: Associate Professor, Social Work

John Mark Jones: Director, International Student Services

Monterrio Jones: Student Government Association

Dr. Rebecca Judd: Assistant Professor, Social Work

Dr. Madeline Justice: Professor, Educational Leadership

SuzAnne Kiefer: Retired, Director of Metroplex Center

Dr. Kriss Kemp-Graham: Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership

Dr. Izhar Khan: Assistant Professor, Biological and Environmental Sciences

Ashley Kimble: Graduate Research Assistant, Student Access and Success

Pratyush Kotturu: Doctoral Candidate, Psychology, Counseling and Special Education

Dr. Maria Lamarque: Associate Professor and Director of Spanish Graduate Studies

Dr. Scott Lancaster: Research & Instruction, Library

Dustin Lawson: Student Government Association

Dr. Inma Lyons: Associate Professor, Spanish

Patricia Madigan: PMO, Information Technology

Lisa Martinez: Director, Marketing Communications

Dr. Bill Masten: Associate Professor, Psychology, Counseling and Special Education

Dr. Randy McBroom: Professor, Sociology

Missy McClure: Community Volunteer

Dr. Carole A. McKenzie: Associate Professor of Nursing

Brittni Mead: Undergraduate student representative, National Society of Leadership and Success

Dr. Mark Moreno: Assistant Professor, History

Wendy Morgan: Director, Sam Rayburn Student Center

Dr. Emily Newman: Assistant Professor, Art History

Dr. Will Newton: Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Jodi Oelrich: Coordinator, Academic Success Center

Dr. Marila Palmer: Associate Provost, Institutional Effectiveness

Nick Patras: Counseling Center

Dr. Mildred Golden Pryor: Professor, Management

Dr. David Rankin: Social Sciences Reference/Government Documents Librarian

Veronica Reed: Director, TRIO Programs

Dr. Stephen Reysen: Assistant Professor, Psychology, Counseling and Special Education

Cynthia Rhodes: Executive Assistant to the Provost and VP for Academic Affairs

Dr. Robert Rodriguez: Assistant Professor, Political Science

Judy Sackfield: Associate AD for Academics/SWA, Athletics

Shella Schneider: Mentor/Advisor, College of Education and Human Services

Andrea Slobodnikova: Graduate Research Assistant

Dr. John Smith: Associate Professor, History

Dr. Petra Strassberg: Course Developer/Accessibility Lead, Fac Center Teach With Technology

Annette Taggart: Instructor, Accounting

Tammi Thompson: Executive Director, Training & Development

Dr. Tara Tietjen-Smith: Associate Professor/Grad Coordinator, Health and Human Performance

Dr. Leslie Toombs: Professor of Marketing , Marketing & Management

Dr. Nilo Tsung: Assistant Professor, Engineering and Technology

Rebecca Tuerk: Director of Student Disability Resources and Services

Dr. William Wadley: Professor, Art History

Dr. Carole Walker: Professor, Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Rusty Waller: Associate Professor, Educational Leadership

Dr. Scott Waltemyer: Assistant Professor, Sport and Recreation Management

Dr. Chris White: Professor, Music

Lee Whitmarsh: Assistant Professor, Director of Visual Communication

Dr. Leah Wickersham: Associate Professor, Agricultural Sciences

J. T. Wilkerson: SACS Administrative Assistant, Institutional Effectiveness and Planning

Tim Willett: Executive Director, Campus Life and Student Development