Objective Journalism Initiatives at A&M-Commerce

On the 22nd of October, the first “Objective Journalism” initiative took place at the Performing Arts Center of A&M-Commerce. The Studio 122 hosted a round table discussion where scholars and researchers debated on the issue of “objectivity and bias in news media coverage.”

The initiative is part of a larger project that has been initiated by Tony De Mars, Professor and Director of the Radio and Television Division (RTV), and supported by the College of the Humanities, Social Science, and Art, with the intention of starting research on the issue of “objectivity” as a feasible principle to practice in journalism and as the foundation of democracy.

A website has been created to offer a platform for an open debate on the topic. The idea is that of extending the initiative from a local to a more national audience involving scholars, students, researchers from Colleges and Universities around the Country.

The long term outlook for the Objective Journalism initiative is that of increasing the number of students working at the project, and planning the first Objective Journalism Conference, with the intent of becoming, in the future, a Center for Objective Journalism with A&M-Commerce as the thought leader and promoter of the project.

For more information go to www.objective-journalism.org.