Myths of the moon

Victoria Walters, Class of 2012

by Savannah Christian

Victoria Walters was recently recognized for her “superior” presentation at the Pathways Symposium featuring research from each of The Texas A&M University System schools. Walters, a member of the Honors College, presented research she developed for her honors thesis. She was the only undergraduate to receive an award.

“My study is a psychological analysis of why people believe the moon has an effect on their biology when it has been scientifically proven that it doesn’t,” Walters said.

According to Walters, she and Dr. Raymond Green, her honors thesis advisor and dean of the Honors College, believe that the myths are linked with menstruation, the 28-day cycle of women and the 29.5 day cycle of the moon, a correlation people seemed to have noticed many moons ago. The study covers a variety of fields including psychology, anthropology, mythology, biology, and astronomy.

Walters received the superior award for oral presentations, meaning she was the best presenter in the class, taking her place in the top one percent.