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Minors for Graduate Programs


The College of Business offers several minors that can be added to any master’s program offered at A&M-Commerce. For majors outside of business (sciences, education, agriculture, etc.), a student must receive major program advisor approval. Fill out the Request for a Minor Form and submit it to your academic advisor.

  • Accounting
  • Agribusiness
  • Business Analytics* (cannot be added to MSBUSA)
  • Cyber Security*
  • Digital Marketing*
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Financial Planning
  • Real Estate
  • Economics of U.S. Healthcare
  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics*
  • Corporate Management*
  • Entrepreneurship*

*Can be added to any graduate degree offered at A&M-Commerce (unless noted).

Course Requirements for Minors

Prerequisite courses (ACCT 501, ECO 501, ECO 502, FIN 501, MGT 501 and MKT 501) cannot be considered as electives in any graduate program in business. The general MBA requires completion of six hours of electives. If a minor is desired, all elective hours should be taken in the minor area, as outlined below.

Accounting (ACCT)

At least four courses from accounting (includes ACCT 525).

Agribusiness (AG)

Choose one from AG 505 or AEC 550 and choose three from AEC 520, AEC 530, AEC 540 and AEC 560

Business Analytics (MKT/BUSA)

BUSA 526 Database Management, 542 Applied Decision Modeling and two from: BUSA 516 Mobile Business, 523 Business Analytics Programming, 532 Data Warehousing, 533 Cyber Security and IT Auditing, 536 Mobile Security Intelligence, 537 Advanced Analytics, 539 Cyber Forensics & Info Security Policy Governance, 541 Global Network Design, 580 Internship or 597 Special Topic.

NOTE: Additional pre-reqs may be required for this minor. View the graduate catalog for the most current list for each course in the minor. Contact your advisor with any questions.

Corporate Management (MGT)


Choose 4 of the following: MGT 550 Corp Governance & Sustainability, 555 Project Management, 567 Managing Groups/Teams, 583 Seminar in Leadership, 586 Managing at the Edge, 587 Executive Development, 590 Global Competiveness, 592 Current Issues in HRM, 594 Transforming Organizations and 597 Special Topic

Cyber Security (MKT/BUSA)

BUSA 526 Database Management, 533 Cyber Security and IT Auditing, 536 Movile Security Intelligence, 539 Cyber Forensics & Info Security Policy Governance

NOTE: Additional pre-reqs may be required for this minor. View the graduate catalog for the most current list for each course in the minor. Contact your advisor with any questions.

Digital Marketing (MKT/BUSA)

MKT 568 Advertising & Promotion, MKT 569 Digital Marketing, MKT 573 Internet Marketing and MKT 580 Marketing Internship

Economics (MGT/ECO)

At least four courses from Economics. (Includes ECO 562 and/or 576 | Excludes 595, 578, 501 and 502)

Entrepreneurship (MGT)


Choose four of the following: MGT 570 New Venture Management, 530 The Entrepreneur, 555 Project Management, FIN 520 Advanced Entrepreneurial Finance & Venture Capital, MKT 573 Internet Marketing, BUSA 516 Movile Business and MGT 597 Special Topic

Finance (FIN)

FIN 504 Financial Management, 510 Investment Seminar and two from: FIN 520 Advanced Entrepreneurial Finance & Venture Capital, 530 Fundamentals of Financial Planning, 533 Applied Financial & Economic Forecasting, 550 Portfolio Management in Excel, 571 International Business Finance

Financial Planning (FIN)

FIN 504 Financial Management, 510 Investment Seminar, 530 Fundamentals of Financial Planning and one from: FIN 534 Advanced Risk, Insurance & Estate Planning or 536 Advanced Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits

Healthcare Administration (ECO)

ECO 555 Health Care Services in the US, 556 Health Economics, 557 Health Policy and one from: ECO 562 Managerial Economics or ECO 576 Macroeconomics for Managers

International Business

Any four courses from: ECO 528 International Economic Problems, FIN 571 Internationals Business Finance, Mgt 590 Global Competitiveness or 597 Special Topic, MKT 586 International Marketing. Students may also substitute up to four courses from the British Studies program (Approved topics).

Marketing (MKT/BUSA)

At least four courses from Marketing. (Includes MKT 521)

Marketing Analytics (MKT/BUSA)

MKT 569 Digital Marketing, MKT 574 CRM, MKT 572 Seminar in Marketing Research and MKT 570 Marketing Analytics & Intelligence

Real Estate (FIN)

FIN 504 Financial Management, FIN 575 Principles of Real Estate, FIN 576 Real Estate Appraisal and Investment and FIN 577 Real Estate Finance

Long Range Schedule

Choosing your path for your graduate program can be challenging, but don’t feel overwhelmed! You can plan ahead by viewing the Minors for Graduate Programs Long Range Schedule.

Descriptions of New Graduate Minor Courses

MGT 530 The Entrepreneur

This course is geared towards gaining theoretical and applied understanding of the entrepreneur and entrepreneurial lifestyle. In particular, this course addresses the implications of personality, attitudes, ethical challenges, environmental scanning and opportunity recognition mind-frame, biases, heuristics, and decision-making processes on the life of an entrepreneur.

MGT 550 Corporate Governance and Sustainability

The class presents an in-depth examination of the issues related to corporate governance in an ethical society. General theories of governance provide a foundation for an examination of the role governance decisions play in promoting the long-run sustainability of the community in which the firm operates. Global comparative analysis will help identify best practices in internal and external governance mechanisms.

MGT 570 New Venture Management

The purpose of this course is to teach students about the opportunity recognition, analysis and exploitation process. Students will learn to scan the environment for opportunities and develop a business plan to help assess the opportunity (market research, market segmentation, industry, competition and financial analysis) and to develop comprehensive plans to exploit the identified opportunity (marketing, operation and financial plan).

MGT 555 Project Management (Fall)

This course is geared towards teaching students the fundamentals of project management based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge developed by the Project Management Institute. In particular, students will learn about scope, time, cost, quality, human resource, communication, and procurement management and develop a comprehensive project plan accordingly.

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