Math Students Place First in Calculus Bowl

The Texas A&M University-Commerce Math Department triumphed at the 93rd annual meeting of the Texas Section Mathematical Association of America Calculus Bowl April 11. They sent three teams and won first, fourth and seventh place in the state.

“To compete in a scholarly activity like the MAA-Texas Section Calculus Bowl is a wonderful opportunity for students to sharpen mathematic skills, to go to new places, to meet new people, to develop group work and communication skills, and to experience an intense competition,” said Charles Dorsett, coach of the teams.

The students traveled to the Lubbock campus of Texas Tech University for the competition this year, where they competed with 27 teams from 23 universities. This is the first time in A&M-Commerce’s history to win first place.

“The Mathematics Department is extremely proud of each member of our three teams,” said Dorsett. “We have a special thanks and appreciation for our first place team members for making the Mathematics Program at A&M-Commerce number one in the state.”

The team winning first place is comprised of Douglas Boney, Kaci Mohon, Dustin Flowers and Ashley Derrick. The fourth place team members were Tabbatha Crouch, Jeff Hinkle and Sirong Lin. The seventh place team members were Brandon Johnson, Dong Min Kim, Gradford Garcia and Khang Truong.

“The members of the teams are quick, bright, hard-working, easy to work with, well-rounded and likeable, preparing themselves for a productive, successful career,” said Dorsett.

Last year, students of the Mathematics Department participated in the Calculus Bowl at El Centro College in Dallas and won second place in the state.

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