Love Your Life Not Theirs – 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want!

Rachel Cruze, the daughter of Dave Ramsey—trusted national bestselling author on the topic of money and radio host, learned the basic principles of handling money properly at an early age. Today, she’s using the knowledge and experience that came with growing up in the Ramsey household to educate and financially empower young generations.

Her book “Smart Money Smart Kids,” co-authored by her father, was released in April 2014 and debuted at #1 on the New York Times best-sellers list. Her second book, “Love Your Life, Not Theirs,” will be published in October 2016. The campus of Texas A&M University-Commerce is an official stop on the book tour.

Since joining her father’s company, Ramsey Solutions, in 2010, Cruze has traveled the country speaking at colleges, churches and conferences and educating students and young adults on the dangers of debt and how to budget their money to save for the future.

Join Cruze on campus Oct. 11, 2016, at 5:30 p.m. in Ferguson Auditorium for a keynote speech and book signing. The first 300 attendees will receive a free copy of her new book.

The university’s goal is to educate students about the financial implications of debt and how to manage it. Here’s what top members of our leadership are saying about this effort: “Universities teach us to think, to order reasonably our lives. Excessive debt is unreasonable. Rachel Cruze shows us how reason can guide financial decisions.” – Dr. Ray M. Keck III, interim president

“At A&M-Commerce, we take student success seriously . . . and teaching our students how to be successful in personal finance is a measure of their success.” – Alicia Currin, vice president for business and administration

Texas A&M University-Commerce is known as the university that cares. Educating our students about financial planning will impact them now and provide them with a foundation for success when they leave us to make their impact on our world. I encourage every student at our university to take advantage of this opportunity.” – Dr. Mary Hendrix, vice president for Student Access and Success

“Financial concerns and the resultant stress are often what bring a client in for counseling and support. Out of control debt, lack of resources for basic needs, concern about the ability to pay what one owes all create powerful stressors. Stress can lead to trouble focusing and sleeping, loss of appetite or eating too much, trouble getting along with family and friends, and physical ailments. The presentation by Rachel Cruze on healthy money habits will go a long way toward preventing financial stress!” – Nick Patras, assistant director, Counseling Center