Liberal Studies Program Crafts Own Degrees!

Liberal Studies at A&M-Commerce is an undergraduate program created for people who have multidisciplinary interests and ambitions. Apart from two required core courses, the students can choose to take classes across the three colleges and within different departments, with a unique opportunity to study and integrate concepts from various academic fields of interest. The degree is also suitable for students who have been away from their studies for a while and want to finish and get a bachelor’s degree more efficiently.

Dr. Donna Dunbar-Odom, new Head of Liberal Studies Department, is also the academic advisor who works one-on-one with the students assisting them in structuring and organizing a degree plan that is both personally interesting and professionally relevant. At the end of the program, as final coursework, the students have to articulate the connections between the classes they have taken, writing about their curriculum and preparing all the materials to
promote themselves in college, the workplace and life.