Leading the KD Way

by Ashley Johnson | Photos by Paul Bryan

While most A&M-Commerce graduates exude excitement on graduation day, the moment was bittersweet for Emily Herron.

“Some of the best years of my life were at A&M-Commerce,” Emily said. “I loved it so much I almost didn’t want to graduate.”

Growing up in Idabel, Okla., A&M-Commerce felt like the right fit for Emily after graduating from a small school. It wasn’t too big or too far from home, but still provided the freedom and independence she desired. After an invitation from a friend to check out Kappa Delta, she found more than a perfect fit-she found a home.

“I felt comfortable there,” Emily said. “I’d always thought I’d transfer to another school after a year at A&M-Commerce, but I made such good friends in the sorority I chose to stay.”

As a member of Kappa Delta, Emily was encouraged to become a leader in the house and on campus, advice she took to heart as evidenced by her involvement with the student government election board, Alpha Chi honor society, Greek Council, and the Homecoming committee. After serving as treasurer of the sorority, she ran for president.

“As a leader, I felt more responsible for KD and wanted to be a role model for the younger members,” Emily said. “I wanted to make it the best organization possible.”

For Emily, Greek life was more than a campus activity; it was the training ground for her future providing her with valuable leadership and public speaking skills she would one day use in the courtroom. It also gave her a love for philanthropic activities, and contributed to her desire to help others in the community.

The training she received in the classroom complemented the abilities she gained as a Kappa Delta by teaching her to set goals, and strive hard to achieve them.

“My professor taught us that if you stay satisfied with where you are you are always going to stay there,” she said. “You have to be looking forward to the next thing in your life.”

With graduation quickly approaching, Emily weighed her options for her future and soon found herself at the University of Tulsa Law School, followed by a successful law career in her hometown of Idabel. After starting out in a private practice, she’s moved on to the district attorney’s office with an eye on becoming a judge someday.

“I love my job, and being in the courtroom,” Emily said. “It’s rewarding to help someone in the community by taking a rapist off the street, or getting a deprived child out of a bad home. The end result is worth the effort.”

With every challenge she faces in the courtroom, Emily remembers her Kappa Delta sisters at A&M-Commerce who gave her the courage to lead and make a difference in the community.

“My Kappa Delta sisters and I talk about having our daughters attend A&M-Commerce and pledging KD,” she said. “You want the best for your kids, and I would love my daughter to follow in my footsteps.”