L.E.A.D. Department Receives National Recognition

The department of Leadership Engagement & Development (L.E.A.D.) received national recognition for two of its programs during the Leadership Education Institute December 11-13. Both the First Year Leadership Class (FLC) and the Leadership Without Limits program were chosen to present at the conference in front of leadership educators from around the nation.

“My initial reaction was that I was shocked and surprised. I knew we put in a lot of hard work on our proposals, but it is still always a surprise to find out you’ve been selected to present,” said Lauren Krznarich, assistant director of L.E.A.D. “There were a large number of applications and to have two of your proposals selected to present at the Leadership Educator’s Institute is humbling. We know how valuable and remarkable our programs are, but now we get a chance to share our knowledge with others across the country that attend the conference.”

The Leadership Educators Institute brings administrators, educators and practitioners together to talk about current leadership topics. During the three-day conference, participants hear from a wide variety of speakers and presenters that demonstrate the different areas of leadership such as modern leadership theories, leadership courses, evaluation methods, innovative courses and international leadership.

Presenters at the conference must submit a proposal to the National College Student Educators International (NACPA) where it is reviewed by a large number of education reviewers and the official NASPA/LEI program committee. The proposals must relate to the conference themes and link student affairs practice to the values of leadership education. Only the top rated program proposals are chosen to present at the conference.

“Leadership development is the key to admission in the top graduate programs in the nation and ultimately the key to getting great jobs after graduation,” said John Kaulfus, dean of students. “L.E.A.D.’s programs for leadership development are setting a standard on campus, in the state of Texas and nationally. I am not surprised L.E.A.D.’s programs are being recognized at the highest levels.”

The First Year Leadership Class is a year-long, credited course that offers a $4,000 scholarship for admitted students. Students are admitted based on high school excellence and leadership experience.

The Leadership Without Limits program takes upper-classman students on an international leadership experience to the country of their choice. During the trip, students develop their global leadership competencies through service learning and cultural immersion. This year’s group will travel to Spain.

The First Year Leadership Class has also been selected to present at a NASPA conference in New Orleans this March. For more information about the L.E.A.D. department, visit tamuc.edu/LEAD.