In Memoriam: Dr. Charles W. Nelson, Professor in the Dept. of Music

Dr. Charles. W. Nelson, a professor in the Department of Music from 1969 – 1984, passed away on June 1. He was 92.

In a message to the President’s Office, Dr. David Scott, head of the Department of Music, shared the news about the “beloved performer, teacher, and mentor.”

Dr. Scott also stated, “Several former colleagues, including Gene Lockhart, Jim Deaton, and DeeAnn Gorham had a chance to visit with Charles a week or so ago, and reported it to be a wonderful time of discussion and memories.” Dr. Scott noted that “while he also served on the faculty of several other universities, including ACU and East Central U. in Oklahoma, his impact on ETSU students and colleagues is a continuing source of great memories and tributes.”

Here is a link to the obituary of Dr. Nelson.