“Her Texas: Story, Image, Poem and Song”

Dr. Donna Walker-Nixon, 1979 graduate from East Texas State University and recipient of the Minnie Stevens Piper Award, has co-edited a collection of fiction, poetry, art, songs, photos and creative non-fiction entitled “Her Texas.” The anthology is multicultural, multiethnic and focuses on a wide range of topics such as love, hate, serenity, gender orientation, religion and the concept of truth. The title comes from folklorist Lou Rodenberger, whose work with female Texas authors helped to change the “masculine mystique” in Texas history by bringing attention to female writers.

The book’s editors would like to continue that work with their collection. The first step was a March release to coincide with International Women’s Month and a dedication to Rodenberger. Additionally, all of the editors’ royalties go to breast and ovarian cancer research. Visit their website www.hertexas.com or check out their Facebook page for more information.