Global Events and Activities Meeting

On April 12, 2016, the QEP committee held its fourth meeting of the semester. This meeting focused on global events and activities with an in-depth conversation about departments contacting the QEP team for help with promotion of such events. Global event awareness around campus is crucial to students attending and growing from these events.

Dr. Leslie Toombs, Mr. Jacques L. Fuqua and Ms. Danielle Davis spoke to the QEP committee and discussed its positive impact with activities on and off campus. Dr. Leslie Toombs discussed how the funds approved by the QEP helped with the Lions Innovations Showcase during the fall semester. Mr. Jacques L. Fuqua and Ms. Danielle Davis shared tips for arranging international travel experiences for students.

During the meeting, we also introduced the QEP’s Marketing Guideline Tips. This document includes detailed information about how to market global events on campus. It includes information about paid and also free promotion opportunities, gives examples of best practices and provides a 4-week timeline checklist that can be used to ensure you have everything ready for an event a month ahead of time. Our Marketing Guideline Tips can be found on the QEP webpage under “Marketing” and can be downloaded.

The last QEP meeting of the semester will be on May 10 at 11:30 a.m. in the One Stop Shop welcome center. We look forward to sharing what we have accomplished this year and to planning for the next academic year.