First Class of Regents’ Scholars Travels to Europe

The first group of seventeen students in the Regents’ Scholars Program at Texas A&M University-Commerce recently returned to campus after a three-week study abroad trip in Europe. Each of the students researched a different project while overseas, focusing on globalization.

Advisors Dr. Ricky Dobbs, Dean of the University College, Jennifer Hudson, Regents’ Scholars Program Coordinator, and Annette Taggert, Accounting Instructor, accompanied the students on their trip. The students visited London, Normandy and Paris together, and then broke out into a third country of their choice. Some students went to Germany, some to Spain, and others to Italy. During the trip, they visited famous landmarks, attended lectures and experienced European culture firsthand.

“Words cannot express the pride I have in the 17 students I traveled with this summer,” said Jennifer Hudson. “It is one thing to talk about history and culture, but it is entirely different to see it for yourself. Students from our university who never envisioned traveling the world navigated some of the world’s largest cities, saw things once only a page in a book, and interacted with world history. For three years, these scholars have crafted their own definition of a ‘global citizen’, but now the term takes on a new meaning. Based on each individual’s tenacity, adventurous spirit and scholarship, their hunger for new knowledge is not complete. The spirit of Professor Mayo lives when our institution chooses to invest its resources in experiences such as this, knowing this life-changing opportunity makes each a better student, scholar and career professional.”

During their time in Europe, the students visited WWII sites, explored the Louvre, toured the British Parliament, practiced speaking foreign languages, and celebrated with the Britons when Prince George was born, among many other things.

Each student was asked to research a topic during their trip, which they presented to dignitaries on campus upon their return, including President Dan Jones and Vice President for Student Access & Success, Dr. Mary Hendrix.

“The Regents’ Scholars Program was envisioned as an opportunity to attract outstanding entering students to campus, give them a high quality educational experience, build their leadership strengths, and have them encounter our world through educational travel,” said Dr. Dobbs. “The strength of the Regents’ Program is not the content taught or even the journey made, but the effort to personalize it for students. Experiencing firsthand the world’s diversity and complexity expands students’ vision and helps them move confidently toward a purposeful life after they leave campus.”

The Regents’ Scholars Program was created in fall 2010 to provide 30 freshmen per year a four-year scholarship equivalent to 70% of tuition, fees, room and board. The program allows students to pursue a bachelor’s degree in their chosen field while developing their awareness of international issues and cultural contrasts. Leadership training and traveling experiences will allow students to have a positive impact on the lives of others.

For more information on the Regents’ Scholars Program, contact Dr. Ricky Dobbs at [email protected].