Featured Alumni Author

Reavis Z. Wortham (B.S. ’76, MEd ’84) www.reaviszwortham.com

On Tuesday, June 7, 2011, Poisoned Pen Press will release The Rock Hole, the first mystery novel in the Red River Series, by well known columnist Featured Alumni Authorand magazine writer Reavis Z. Wortham. The novel will be released in both hardback, paperback and audio. The story, set in 1964 Lamar County, Texas, centers on an elderly pot-bellied constable who finds his family slapped square in the path of a maniac seeking revenge for a long forgotten incident.

Reavis is a diverse writer of columns, magazine features, and books, and has won more than 30 awards throughout his 22-year career. Publishing credits include work for regional and national magazines, and more than 30 Texas newspapers. He has written for Texas Fish and Game (Humor Editor), Texas Sportsman, Western Angler, Central Texas Outdoors, Striper-mania Magazine, American Cowboy, Vintage Trucks, and Texas Outdoor Journal. He is the author of Doreen’s 24 HR Eat Gas Now Café.

To purchase a copy of The Rock Hole, visit www.poisonedpenpress.com.