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Coronavirus: What should I do if I feel ill?

  • If you are feeling ill, make an appointment with your healthcare provider.
  • Please do not show up at a clinic, urgent care or other healthcare facilities without calling first. Your provider may need to take special measures to protect other people in the clinic. Telemedicine may also be available, enabling you to consult a provider from home.
  • Check with your health insurance provider. If you have symptoms such as a cough, fever, or other respiratory problems, contact your primary care doctor first.
  • Do not go to an emergency room. Emergency rooms need to be able to serve those with the most critical needs.
  • Practice social distancing. Stay indoors and avoid contact with others, just as you would with the flu. Those with contagious diseases should stay home from work or school until they are well. People with fever, cough and respiratory issues should seek immediate medical attention.
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