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What is verification?

The Department of Education randomly selects students in a process called, Verification. Verification works as a mini-audit whereby the school collects information and documents from the student applicant and parents, if applicable.

Not all students are selected for verification and not all students are selected for schools to verify the same data. Each applicant is selected for specific data to be verified. The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships requests from the selected applicant documents applicable to the data needing to be verified. Students have 14 days from date of request to submit the documents originally requested. Students are able to view the required documents needed through the myLEO portal; Financial Aid section. The Verification Forms are available on the FORMS tab. Based on the information on the original documents, the Office Verification Team may request additional documents or request clarification if conflicting information is received. With few exceptions, no financial aid is awarded until the verification process is complete.

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