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What is the work study program?

Acceptance of your work study award allows you the benefit of securing a work study position in a wide variety of departments on campus; from working in an office to working on the farm. You can build your experiences while building your resume with real job experience.


Step 1: Logon to myLeo to accept your work study award for the terms as indicated. Upon acceptance, it is your responsibility to secure a work study position for the term. Students with accepted work study who have not secured employment within 14 days will forfeit their work study award.

Step 2: Contact prospective departments for an interview You may begin interviewing as soon as you have picked up your work permit. Various departments post openings before and during semesters. Available positions, interview and contact information are listed online: Human Resources.

Prior to going on your first interview, you must pick up your work study job permit in the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.
The permit indicates your eligibility for work study.

Step 3: Complete the top portion of your work study job permit with your supervisor and return the job permit to the Office of Financial Aid either in person or by campus mail when you accept an offer to work. Your supervisor will keep the bottom portion of the job permit as a record of your employment. Your schedule and work hours will be set by you and your supervisor. Remember you cannot work greater than 19 hours per week. If this is your first work study position, you will be required to complete additional paperwork by our Payroll and/or Human Resource office. Please direct questions to your supervisor regarding these and other general employment issues.


Your accepted work study amount indicates the amount per term you may earn during the semester. You will be paid bi-weekly. Choose to have your check mailed to you or direct deposited into an existing bank account.


Work study eligibility varies by year. Students who wish to participate in work study must maintain satisfactory academic progress, must renew each year their FAFSA. Completing the FAFSA by the priority deadline provides the best chance of work study eligibility.

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