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What is the university appeals committee process, in general?

A student that does not meet SAP for the first time is placed on a financial aid warning for the following semester. If a student continues to fail to meet the minimum SAP standards they are placed on a financial aid suspension. The student must then appeal with the financial aid office to regain their financial aid eligibility. A student that withdraws from the university or makes All F’s in a semester is automatically placed on a financial aid suspension with no warning. Students’ SAP status are reviewed at the end of each term. To appeal the student will need to submit the appropriate appeal form, supporting documentations, and an educational plan (if applicable) to our office for review by the financial aid appeals committee. Once a decision has been made, the student’s account is updated and the student is notified by the university email of the changes made to their account. For further details and instructions, students need to use the following link:

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