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What is the process now that I have submitted my application? (Domestic)

The Admissions Application Consideration Process for Domestic Students:

  1. Any test requirement options will be updated on the student checklist after official transcripts are reviewed and processed. Monitor your myLeo application checklist to see when we receive and post your documents. If you have sent documents but do not see posted, please email your coordinator so we can check the status of your document.
  2. GRE/GMAT scores must be sent directly to the University by the testing agency. It takes approximately 15 days from the time the scores are ordered for them to be received and posted.
  3. Once all required documents have been reviewed and posted to your checklist, your file will be forwarded to your academic area for review. The department has up to 2 weeks to respond with their admissions recommendation so please allow time for the decision to appear in your myLeo. You will also receive an official admission decision letter by email.
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