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What is the financial aid entrance loan counseling session?

Before A&M-Commerce disburses your Federal Stafford Loan (subsidized or unsubsidized), regulations require that you complete a Loan Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note (MPN).

The counseling session provides information about how to manage your student loans, both during and after college. To complete entrance counseling requirement students must go to For your records, print the confirmation page that appears after you complete entrance counseling.

If your parent is interested in applying for the Parent PLUS Loan, your parent must complete a PLUS application online at by entering parent information first. The application will ask for student information later. A parent PLUS loan application must be completed every award year, similar to the FAFSA to receive.

Loan recipients who are receiving their loan money for Fall only or Spring only, are required to have 2 disbursements within that single semester. Half of this money will be disbursed at the beginning of the semester and the other half will be disbursed at the midpoint of the semester. This requirement is a federal regulation.

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