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What are my options if I wish to decline the meningitis vaccination?

You must obtain a waiver, signed by a physician who is duly registered and licensed to practice medicine in the United States, stating that, in the physician’s opinion, the required vaccination for bacterial meningitis would be injurious to your health and well-being.


You must sign and submit a Notarized Affidavit stating that you decline the required vaccination for bacterial meningitis for reasons of conscience, including religious belief. Additional information can be found at College Vaccine Requirements.

You will also receive instructions on how to request affidavit forms from the Texas Department of State Health Services once you’ve created your Magnus Health account in your myLEO. The original affidavit document must be mailed to Magnus Health.

Students wishing to use the waiver program must still activate their Magnus Health account to access the forms and link to the waiver option.

To learn more about your options, please visit the Magnus Health Help Desk.

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