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How do I create a Magnus Health account?

A&M-Commerce uses the services of Magnus Health to collect, review and securely store all student documents pertaining to the meningitis vaccine. All first-time and former students must register through Magnus Health’s SMR to ensure that the course registration process is not delayed.

Please follow the instructions below to complete your Magnus Health account:

1. Log into myLEO to enter the Student Portal. You will need your CWID number and password.
2. Click on the myLEO link at the top of the page to enter the Self-Service page.
3. Click on the Verify Meningitis Shot Requirement link found on the Main Menu.
4. You will automatically be directed to Magnus Health’s SMR account page.
5. Your myLEO account is linked to your Magnus Health account through a single sign-on; therefore, you do not need to create an additional username and password.
6. You will be asked to verify your personal information.
7. You will pay a one-time $12.50 processing fee, payable to Magnus Health SMR (debit or credit card required).
8. You will then be guided through the rest of the verification process through Magnus Health.
9. You can access Magnus Health’s SMR by logging into your myLEO account at any time.

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