Dr. M. LaVelle Hendricks, Empowering the Dream

By: Bailey Phillips

A higher education is a tremendously valuable tool as we prepare our students for the productive lives they will lead well into their futures. In order for higher education to remain affordable, the A&M-Commerce Foundation depends on and strongly encourages endowed scholarships. Dr. LaVelle Hendricks, Assistant Professor of Counseling, understands the importance of providing yearly tuition assistance to students at A&M-Commerce and has established an endowed scholarship that will benefit graduate-level counseling students in perpetuity.

Dr. Hendricks believes that faculty and staff giving demonstrates to the students how deeply invested you are in them and in their lives. “By giving today we’re providing a quality education in the future for students that will come this way,” said Dr. Hendricks. Students are our future leaders, the torchbearers of tomorrow, and are worthy of our support. His inspiration for creating the endowment comes from the words of our Founder Professor William L. Mayo, “No barrier has been raised to say to aspiring youth that this forth I shall go and no further.”

Endowed scholarships are so important to a student’s success and are among the university’s top philanthropic priorities. Dr. Hendricks’s support is an example of the commitment and great pride that makes us the university that cares.