CSI: The final

When Louis Lufkin, Program Coordinator for the M.S. in Applied Criminology set up his first class final exam crime scene in 2010, he knew he was onto something. “The students were excited to be working with all of the latest forensic tools and techniques. We weren’t just talking about it in a classroom.”
That first class had 29 students and has since become a class topping out at 100 students. “We had to bring it down to about 80, so it is more manageable, but those seats fill up as soon as registration opens.” Lufkin had the idea of linking his class to the mock trial class conducted by Dr. Elvira White-Lewis, “It made sense. The students would be able to see the entire process. How their work in the field would be used in the courtroom, what types of questions they would be asked as witnesses.”
“I don’t know of any program doing what we are doing,” Lufkin told The Update. “The collaboration we are able to do within the department and the college is what sets us apart.”