Counseling Center Presents Mindful Mondays

The Texas A&M University-Commerce Counseling Center has established an open group for students called Mindful Mondays. The group will meet Mondays from 2-3 pm in the Counseling Center, Halladay Building 204.

The goal of the group is to give students a chance to relax and learn to live a balanced life. Those interested may begin attending sessions at any time during the semester. The Counseling Center offers these meetings to assist participants in effectively managing their responsibilities and stressors before the semester becomes overwhelming.

“My experience with mindfulness has been positive and life changing,” said counselor trainee Shannon Moseley. “In a busy world, it teaches you to appreciate and enjoy things that can so easily be overlooked or taken for granted.”

The meetings will feature techniques that are aimed at relieving the symptoms of psychological stress, negative mental states and supporting attitudes that contribute to a satisfied life. “Mindfulness” involves both concentration, a form of meditation, and acceptance. The Center says that becoming mindful can make it easier to savor the pleasures in life as they occur, and it can create a greater capacity to deal with difficult events. Those who practice mindfulness find that they are less likely to become consumed with worries or regrets because they focus on present times and developing deep connections with others.

“Being mindful is accepting that it is what it is,” said counselor Agnes Gonzalez. “It sounds so simple until you try. Or it sounds impossible, but you still consider giving it a chance because things are getting pretty difficult. Either way, come by to see what you can get out of it for yourself. And as you learn to observe – your breath, your body, your thoughts, or your feelings, you can also learn to be understanding, kind, and compassionate towards yourself and others.”

This semester’s first session was January 27 and the last session will meet on April 28. For more information or questions, call 903-886-5145.