Counseling Center Offers Group for Social Success

For the third semester, the Counseling Center at A&M-Commerce will host the Becoming Socially Successful group for individuals who experience social anxiety. The group is designed as an eight-week program for 10 people to meet for two hours each week.

The group allows participants the chance to share common experiences related to social situations to see how others handle social life challenges and to support one another through these challenges. Group members will have the opportunity to learn to initiate and maintain conversations, to express their opinions, to establish self-confidence and to accept praise by practicing these social skills in a safe setting.

“There can be something very compelling about having a group of people open up about their social concerns and realize that they are not alone. Once they can feel connected, they can start experimenting with new ways of representing themselves socially,” said Agnes Gonzalez, staff counselor. “I have witnessed multiple times that the combination of learning new social skills and participating in a group can work really beautifully together.”

Through commitment to the program, group members may develop trust and the ability to be more transparent with each other and themselves in a confidential setting. The group encourages participants to then put what they learn into practice in their everyday environments.

“I have seen firsthand how powerfully the Becoming Socially Successful group has benefited my clients and impacted their daily lives positively,” said Nick Patras, staff counselor.

The group meeting time will be determined by participants’ availability. Interested individuals should contact Agnes Gonzalez at the Counseling Center via email or by phone at 903-886-5145.