Construction Engineering Program Receives ABET Accreditation

The Construction Engineering program at Texas A&M University-Commerce is now ABET accredited, making it one of only fifteen construction engineering programs from around the country with this accreditation. The program joins the industrial engineering program, which received an ABET reaccreditation during the 2011-2012 academic year.

“ABET accreditation is a great value to the students and it is often required for eligibility for federal student loans, grants, and scholarships,” said Dr. Eddie Oh, Interim Department Head of Engineering and Technology. “Many employers, including the federal government, require graduation from ABET-accredited programs to be eligible for employment.”

Receiving ABET accreditation is an 18 month peer review process that provides assurance that the university program meets the quality standards established by the profession. More than 2,000 professionals from academe, industry, and government carry out ABET accreditation by reviewing academic programs to ensure that they provide students with the technical and professional skills they need to succeed.

“This has been an opportunity for us to demonstrate that the Construction Engineering program at A&M-Commerce is committed to maintaining the program’s quality and performing at the level required by the profession,” said Dr. Oh.

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