CoEHS Mentor Center

By: Harold Brown

For students who do not fall under University College–but their major is under the College of Education & Human Services–the college’s mentor center is a great place to visit for academic advice. The College of Education & Human Services (COEHS) Mentor Center is a place where seasoned students who have met the benchmarks necessary to move on from the University Studies curriculum can receive more focused attention from experts in the field with an eye to preparing them for graduation and beyond. “Our goal is to guide students through their experiences and inform them on what’s available. We want to empower rather than enable them when it comes to picking their classes.” says Angie Proctor, Coordinator of the Mentor Center. The Mentor Center also extends its services to the McKinney Collin Higher Education Center, offering information and guidance to students in different locations toward their academic and career goals.

The Mentor Center has recently added a service which allows for education majors to come in and take a practice version of both the state pedagogy test and their respective content certification test. Although we do have a 96% program pass rate, offering practice tests to students will reinforce their knowledge of the subject, put them in an environment similar to what they will face on test day, allow them to understand how test-writers think and see the way in which questions are asked.

Dr. Gail Johnson, Interim Dean of the College of Education & Human Services declares, “Students are our business–our only business.” The CoEHS Mentor Center invites all students, parents, faculty and staff, and alumni and friends to stop by and see why we are the university that cares.

Contact us by Email: [email protected].

Mentor Center Telephone: 903.468.3144

Mentor Center Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:00-5:00