Charting her own Path

by Savannah Christian

Elizabeth Kolawole Class of 2013

After being accepted to numerous universities, junior Elizabeth Kolawole chose to attend Texas A&M University-Commerce, the same school her mother graduated from in 2006.

Although her mother has been a great inspiration in her life, it was the unique opportunities available at A&M-Commerce like the prestigious Joint Admission Medical Program (JAMP) that finalized Kolawole’s decision.

“I was hooked after attending Mane Event,” she said. “That is where I found out about JAMP; no other school even told me about it.”

JAMP is a partnership among all eight Texas medical schools and 65 public and private four-year universities, providing support for students throughout their undergraduate schooling. The program guarantees admission into a Texas medical school as long as all requirements are met upon graduation. Thanks to JAMP and the help provided at A&M-Commerce, Kolawole hopes to secure a spot at UT Southwestern.

“A&M-Commerce provides a great learning atmosphere,” Kolawole said. “Everyone here wants to see you succeed; I owe a lot of my self-worth and self-discovery to this university.”